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About Our Chef

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Putting some light into our journey, we started a restaurant in the early 2017’s, and ran it successfully for two years. It was one of the most beautiful high-end restaurants in Karachi, Pakistan.

I had worked in the restaurant field for two years which allowed me to gain experience after observing the world’s high class menus, cuisines, recipes, and etc. After a while, I decided to utilise my experience and knowledge in order to let the people enjoy the favourable authentic Italian cuisine they desired; pizza! I opened a small home-based restaurant by constructing a wood fire oven at home, and started to perfect the Italian style Neapolitan dough. A lot of effort was required into perfecting the dough, but by the grace of the All-mighty, I started making the dough and the authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza by using the high end recipes from the city of Naples.

Interesting facts about Umer’s Pizzeria: Umer’s Pizzeria is well equipped with dough making machines, but I prefer to make the pure Italian Neapolitan pizza dough by hand because that is how the pizza will gain it’s texture.

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Umer’s pizzeria has been maintaining to provide the best service with the highest quality standards, and following the SOPS to provide the finest quality food at your doorstep.

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